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Naledi Modupi was born in East Johannesburg, South Africa.

She is a multi-talented visual artist known for her powerful and unique style of portraiture. Modupi has developed versatility and mastery in both traditional and digital art forms. Her work is deeply inspired by her South African culture and the strong black women who raised her and played pivotal roles in her life. 


Modupi's portraits capture the spirit, strength and beauty of South African women. Whether rendering with pencil, paint or on a digital canvas, she brings her subjects to life with nuanced detail and emotion. 

Modupi's artwork celebrates black femininity and cultural pride. Her portraits honor the women who shaped her - her mother, grandmothers and community. She draws inspiration from their resilience, wisdom and grace. Modupi continues to explore portraiture and its power to tell stories of identity and heritage. Her goal is to ensure that future generations understand the pivotal role of South African women, both past and present.


Her work is deeply connected to this idea; it serves as an authentic celebration for women’s personalities and selfhood. Her uplifting visual representations often celebrate what it means to be black and female by renewing appreciation for these characteristics. Ultimately, Modupi's work resonates with its audience by allowing viewers to witness beauty through a lens of honor and admiration. 


Through her vibrant and colourful artworks, this artist has had the opportunity to work with some of the most sought-after brands across the globe. From Birkenstock to Heineken SA, Gallo Music, Engen SA, Target, ASOZAR, Blackbrick, Remy Martin to Samsung SA. These collaborations showcase the artist's unique creativity, which is applied across a variety of mediums, including digital and traditional art forms. ​


Throughout her career, the artist has had the opportunity to showcase her work in a variety of diverse cities around the world. London, Johannesburg, Chicago, Brighton, Cape Town, and Bali.  By exposing her work to such an array of cities, Naledi has been able to not only expand her portfolio, but also gain a deeper understanding of the global art scene.​​

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