Naledi Tshegofatso Modupi is a multi-dimensional visual artist known for her versatility and her ability to seamlessly maneuver between digital art territories and traditional art mediums. Her vibrant and expressive portraits are consistent in the use of bold colours highlighting eyelids, cheekbones, chins, or ears while continuous lines define each face distinctly.

Her work is mainly portraiture and the style developed can be best described as reductive or semi-abstract portraiture. She conveys individuality and personality to her subject. Her work authenticates itself through the use of a beautiful array of colours, shapes and patterns. 

Her work is heavily inspired by the beauty of blackness and characteristics associated with women. Through it she celebrates women’s unique and empowering stories, and aims to inspire confidence and awaken hope in those who are able to find their reflections in her pieces, just as she sees her work as a reflection of the faces surrounding her.