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Naledi Modupi, a multi-talented visual artist based in Johannesburg, is renowned for her distinct style of portraiture showcasing black femininity and cultural pride. Inspired by the strong South African women who raised her, Modupi creates abstract portraits using shapes, patterns and lines to form bold black figures accompanied by vibrant colours.   

Modupi's art celebrates South African women, showcasing mastery of both traditional and digital mediums like chalk, paint and digital art. Her portraits capture the spirit, strength and beauty of women from her community, including her mother and grandmothers, paying homage to the pivotal role they played in her upbringing. Through her art, Modupi seeks to tell stories of identity and heritage, ensuring future generations acknowledge the role of South African women, past and present. Modupi's versatility and cultural pride shine through in every piece, a testament to the impact the women in her life have had on her own journey as an artist.

Untitled_Artwork 102.png
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