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Embracing The Creative Process - By Enjoying Every Step of the Way.

I often have this the urge to explore and create something beautiful and meaningful. Often times my creative journey starts with exploring interesting faces around me— from a friend’s grandmother or my bald-headed aunt. I try to capture these unique people in photographs with my little Canon camera. Then the creative process starts!

The Artwork Process

Taking photos is fun, but the real joy comes when I use them as references for art pieces back at home. I take those photographs and try to recreate what I can see in them through paintings or drawings. Sometimes these artworks are inspired by the stories behind the photos; other times it could be a memory from long ago that sparked an idea. Either way, it is always exciting seeing an art piece come together out of nothing more than creativity. Once finished, I try to write about the artwork, whether it’s a short story or poem that captures its essence.

Making Connections

This creative journey of mine has taken me on some amazing trips around the country and has connected me with many different people from all walks of life. It has helped me foster a deeper appreciation for the beauty in everyday life and opened up new ways for me to express myself creatively. By simply starting with a few photographs that caught my eye, I was able to make incredible connections between places and people who otherwise may never have intersected. And that result is one of the most satisfying feelings any creator can experience!

Creativity does not have just one source; instead, it can come from anywhere—all we need is imagination! What started off as an innocent exploration of beautiful faces around me resulted in breathtakingly stunning artwork that captures their essence perfectly. My journey into creativity has been one filled with joy and adventure—from taking photos to creating paintings and writing stories—and it has allowed me to make meaningful connections between people who may never have otherwise crossed paths! If you want to get creative too, start looking around you today!

Above are a few pictures I took of Ausi Mamopapa on a gloomy afternoon. When I first saw her after she got her hair cut, I could tell she wasn't too thrilled with the style. But I thought to myself, here stands a beautiful and powerful black woman who doesn't need words to express her thoughts and feelings--her face and bald head can accomplish that all on its own. Without a second thought, I asked her permission to capture this new look of hers. Although my photos weren't exactly what I had hoped for at the time, a few months later when I stumbled across them again it inspired me to create an art piece that showed off all of her strength, beauty, and power.

Creating beautiful art is incredibly gratifying for me, especially when I'm able to tell a different story or even inspire others with my work in a way I never anticipated. Crafting something from a simple photo captures my imagination - from the colours and tones I choose to use and how it reflects my thoughts on the subject at hand. The artwork in this piece truly encapsulates who this bold woman is, which makes me very happy and proud of what I created. Beyond the image my camera captured, the artwork conveys an even more captivating narrative about her, making it much more than just a picture.

- Just embracing the process...


How to market your art on Social Media

Social media can be a triple-edged sword for artists. On the one hand, it's an incredibly effective way to showcase your art, reach potential customers and build an online community around your work. On the other hand, it can be challenging to get your work noticed in a competitive digital landscape - plus nobody likes to appear too commercial or pushy! If you've been taking mental notes like me while observing how other professional artist present and market their work on Instagram, I'm here to share some easy tips so you can market your art without feeling fake or cringeworthy. I think there are plenty of smart and efficient ways of using Instagram to promote your art with authenticity and grace. So let's get started!

1. One of the best strategies for success is to always stay honest. The instant your followers sense a false persona or facade, you can kiss them goodbye. Instead, embrace who you are and what you love in life, even if it's not related to art. For instance, I love coffee dates and going on adventures - none of these things have anything remotely to do with me being an artist, but they tell my audience something about the person behind the artwork I produce. At the end of the day, only putting out a 'true' version of yourself will create real engagement and help attract organic attention.

All this gives your followers an insight into who you are and what kind of creative work you produce. Integrating a healthy balance of yourself, your work, and other things you love creates a sense of understanding between you and your audience - which ultimately helps them enjoy and appreciate your art more!

2. Producing content to market your art on social media is challenging, but it can be extremely beneficial for your success as an artist. One of the ways to knock your marketing strategy out of the park is to show your face and be present in the content you create and post(I've only recently started doing this from a month ago). Humanizing yourself and introducing it into the art helps viewers to connect with both you and your work on a deeper level. However, this tip can come off as daunting or intimidating to some artists - myself included - I find myself feeling exposed when sharing my work too intimately or intimately sharing insights in my process. But here’s the thing: often, getting people to fall in love with who you are first will lead them to eventually fall in love and want the art that you make!

3.Reels, reels, reels – that's right! Video content is the easiest way to effectively market your art on social media. Besides being more creative and entertaining for viewers than a still image or post, it's also a great way to introduce yourself and your work to new people who may not have seen you or it before. I just recently started creating reels and video content, and I'm amazed at how much more engaged people are with my posts! Bring your audience into the creative process by showing them how you make your artwork, add some of those trending sounds everyone loves to hear!

4. Building relationships with similar artists is essential to successfully marketing your art on social media! Being engaged with an artist community gives you access to different digital spaces, communities and knowledge that you wouldn't have if you were just posting on your own. It's a great way to get your work out there, but also to share new information and exciting tips. Plus, interacting with other creative people is truly rewarding and enjoyable too - it's a win-win!

.... ps. my shy self is failing dismally on this one!

5. If you want to market your art on social media, one of the best ways to start is by finding references and following what artists you admire are doing. For example, I always look for inspiration from Coco Davez's account, she's basically my ultimate reference for how I should be presenting myself on Instagram. Using her accounts can give me a structure to follow, along with some creative ideas for my own artwork and social media presence. While I may not be as amazing an artist as her yet, looking at her account helps me set goals that I can continue striving for! Check her out:


Current Project:

If you're looking for a unique dining experience while visiting Johannesburg, be sure to check out the beautiful restaurant, Thatu Restaurant, located in Illovo. Not only does it offer a lovely atmosphere and fine cuisine, but it also offers an opportunity to engage with some of my artwork on the walls. It is truly an honour to have my pieces displayed in such a warm, inviting setting which was built with the community at its heart.


New Work in Store:


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