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2023 out of my Comfort Zone!

This year, I'm dedicated to becoming more intentional about how I relate to my work. I see now that for far too long I have allowed fear and insecurity to limit my creative freedom, opting instead to keep my feelings detached and keep personal expression out of my art. Though this meant I could easily continue producing content, it wasn't doing me any favors; creating has been a way for me to heal in the past, and while it still is, this year I want to get even more out of it - by putting a bit more of myself into each project. Instead of offering surface-level connection with others through my art, I want my creativity to be part of a spiritual journey for us both. So if you're feeling brave enough to join me on this new adventure, please do - all are welcome!

Taking this first step out of my comfort zone is a giant leap for me, and I'm so proud to share this personal artwork of my younger brother, who also happens to be my best friend. I have spent most of my lifetime admiring his softness and light - something so quiet, almost invisible, until you get to know him and feel the presence he emits. That tenderness and tranquillity he carries still grows even brighter, and even amidst today’s hardships of being a black man in modern society!

This artwork speaks to other black men, showing them that they always have permission to embrace their softness and compassion; it serves as a reminder of just how beautiful these qualities are. The colours emphasize this sentiment – that sensitivity is something to be celebrated!

The artwork is also meant to remind us all that there is beauty in fragile emotions and sensitivities, giving permission for them to be allowed to exist and be seen by others. It aims to spark conversations about what beauty looks like in all its complexities and nuances ––

Despite the obstacles many face day after day, I'm grateful that I and so many others have such a profound connection with our inner light.


Current Project:

My current project, “Constellations: Global Reflections“ (CGR) channels the energy and attention from world leaders attending the G20 summit in Bali to the general public through 20 site-specific artworks reflecting on current environmental and humanitarian crises.

The project realizes artists thought provoking commissions and investigations of ecology, colonialism, and consumption amid the political arena. It consists of an extremely diverse group of artists from around the world including myself.

The highly visible exhibition may be seen in the day and night on Kura Kura Bali through 2023.

You can read more about it here:

OR watch the interview here:


Current Exhibition:


New in Store:

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